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Mission of the UAFM
To create a branch competentive public business association: the UAFM members will be able to defend the interests of the furniture industry in the face of the state and monopolies; society will take the workplaces; consumer will be able to buy quality products; the state will take taxes and competitive production.
Цели и задачи УАМ

Close interaction with each member of the UAFM
The development of relations and cooperation between the members of the UAFM
Protection and lobbying of interests of Ukrainian furniture manufacturers
Cooperation with government agencies and institutions to improve the investment climate in Ukraine
Search and facilitate investment in the furniture industry
Creating a positive image of the brand "Made in Ukraine" furniture among consumers
Promoting the marketing promotion of the member companies of UAFM
Support information for participation in public procurement and tenders
Cooperation with vocational schools in order to create a personnel reserve organization of training programs, workshops and seminars
Support domestic producers of components and equipment for the furniture industry